The Law

So I started reading through Leviticus, well started listening to it, because I’m not sure I ever really made it all the way through it before and I thought well with technology I can. Anyway, one of the things I noticed is the intricate detail and intensity of what the Lord calls for as worship. … Continue reading

Can we even call sin, sin anymore?

As a Christian you may have had this conversation with someone: Christian: __________ is sin. Other person: Jesus says to love not judge, and yet you are going to stand there and judge me. Your conversation may not have looked exactly like that but you get the basic point, that whenever a Christian claims something … Continue reading

Is God on your side?

So a couple a weeks ago I went to church and first they sang a song with lyrics that said something about God being for me/us then the pastor even followed up by saying God is for us. Mind the sermon in a whole was good but this statement rubs me the wrong way. To … Continue reading

The Grace Factor

It has been awhile as I was finishing up school and busy with life but I want to start being more consistent with writing, so I am going to try to post like once a week or so.   Lately the idea of grace based faith and obedience based faith has been on my mind. … Continue reading

May 25, 2014

Preaching at Christ Fellowship in Columbia, TN. I spoke on Mark 8


So my wife and I went and saw the movie Prisoners the other day, review is it was a pretty good movie a little graphic violent scenes but I don’t think they were gratuitous. The review is not the purpose of this post, the purpose is to show you one way I have a tendency … Continue reading

To Tell the Truth

Has anyone ever told you or asked you “If I do something wrong, or am out of line please tell me, I want to know the truth.” But you know that if you were to tell them the truth, and I mean the raw unfiltered truth it would hurt their feelings, they would possibly cry … Continue reading

Rock His World

A Place to Learn How To Make Marriages Rock!

My Beloved Is Mine!

Song of Solomon 6:3 (SongSix3)

Grace Mery God

Finding Joy in an overwhelming world


Because your family is counting on you.