Can we even call sin, sin anymore?

As a Christian you may have had this conversation with someone: Christian: __________ is sin. Other person: Jesus says to love not judge, and yet you are going to stand there and judge me. Your conversation may not have looked exactly like that but you get the basic point, that whenever a Christian claims something … Continue reading

Young Marriage

So we just got back from our 4 year anniversary in St Louis and it was an awesome time. I love to vacation with my wife, I really truly do. When it is just us, we don’t make much of a schedule, we just do as we feel like doing that day: see the sights, … Continue reading

I’m back and this is it!

So I haven’t had much time to post because I have been really busy. Normally I am able to post on my down time at work but because I started going back to school I have been trying to get my school work done on down time and that has filled the little time I … Continue reading

Sin Correction

I haven’t posted in awhile because I haven’t had much time to with all the things I have going on right now, but I wanted to post this. I have wrestled with this before but I haven’t posted about it. I want to be able to help and encourage people to flee from sin, to … Continue reading

Always inspired by the book of James

So my wife and I are going through a devotional through the book of James and something hit me last night that never hit me before, at least in this way. When James talks of “faith” and “deeds” I have always tried to make it fit together by saying well if you are a Christian … Continue reading

Testing vs temptation

So I was thinking about this the other, and really I don’t remember why. I used to get a little confused when I read the book of James or heard it preached on because people talk about the testing of our faith and that it is a good thing and God will even test us … Continue reading

True Confessions (somewhat graphic be warned)

I am very hesitant to write this blog, not because I don’t see the need, or because I want to hide, but I am hesitant mostly because of the position I hold in the church right now. I am hesitant because as much as I read scripture and know I am forgiven I am still … Continue reading

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My Beloved Is Mine!

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