Can we even call sin, sin anymore?

As a Christian you may have had this conversation with someone: Christian: __________ is sin. Other person: Jesus says to love not judge, and yet you are going to stand there and judge me. Your conversation may not have looked exactly like that but you get the basic point, that whenever a Christian claims something … Continue reading

A Sweet Love Song

This is long because it is my final paper for my Old Testament Interpretation class: Final Paper: A Sweet Love Song I have chosen to write about the book “Song of Solomon” also known as “Song of Songs”. This is my choice for two main reasons: one I love marriage and have a heart for … Continue reading

Rock His World

A Place to Learn How To Make Marriages Rock!

My Beloved Is Mine!

Song of Solomon 6:3 (SongSix3)

Grace Mery God

Finding Joy in an overwhelming world


Because your family is counting on you.