Atlanta Fest #3

So this will most likely be my last Atlanta Fest posting and for this one I will let you know I forget who it was that made the statement causing me to start thinking, but one of the speakers said simply invite Jesus into the manger of your heart, which I get the point but … Continue reading

Atlanta Fest #2

Many people if they didn’t listen to the words would not like the music of a man by the name of Lacrae but let me tell you first of all listen to the words because that is what determines whether or not it is good listening, but more important I heard this man preach and … Continue reading

Atlanta Fest 1

This last weekend I took some students to Atlanta Fest. For those that don’t know what that is the easiest way to explain it I guess would be to say it is a Christian Woodstock, it is a Christian music festival and I would estimate well over 5000 people were there, it was awesome. I … Continue reading

Rock His World

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My Beloved Is Mine!

Song of Solomon 6:3 (SongSix3)

Grace Mery God

Finding Joy in an overwhelming world


Because your family is counting on you.