The Law

So I started reading through Leviticus, well started listening to it, because I’m not sure I ever really made it all the way through it before and I thought well with technology I can. Anyway, one of the things I noticed is the intricate detail and intensity of what the Lord calls for as worship. Now I get we don’t live under the same law but have we swung the pendulum too far the other way?

This is something I think about as I read Paul’s writings as well. Do we make “Christianity” too easy? Too convenient? I know grace is how we are accepted by God but I don’t think that means there are not consequences for our living. I think the Lord wants us to live right and be more intentional about that right living. 

Would it change the way you/I lived if you/I knew you/I had the sacrifice your/my pet to atone for your/my mistakes? If so do you/I grasp that Jesus was beaten and crucified for my forgiveness? 

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