Can we even call sin, sin anymore?

As a Christian you may have had this conversation with someone:

Christian: __________ is sin.

Other person: Jesus says to love not judge, and yet you are going to stand there and judge me.

Your conversation may not have looked exactly like that but you get the basic point, that whenever a Christian claims something is a sin people get defensive and eventually saying you are judging them. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time but due to the recent homosexual marriage topic, it has been in my face more than ever before. As I have thought about it where else in life are you accused of judging someone just because you tell them what they are doing is wrong, against the law, or maybe inaccurate?

I don’t ever remember when I was in school and I answered a math problem wrong saying to my teacher, “well you shouldn’t judge me” because she wasn’t judging me. She was informing me that according to mathematics I came to the wrong conclusion. Now I could have said well I don’t accept mathematics and continued to do math the way I wanted and the only one that would be hurt would be me when I tried to interact with people that practiced mathematics the way it was taught in school.

It seems the only time people have a problem with you correcting them or stating they are doing something wrong is when you claim what they are doing is against what scripture teaches, and I have found the most interesting thing is that the people that get the most mad say they don’t believe the Bible anyway. Then why does it matter to you if I tell you the Bible doesn’t agree with whatever it is your doing: having sex outside of marriage, getting drunk, acts of homosexuality? Now I know there are some that claim to believe the Bible and disagree with maybe how I understand certain passages, to those people I say I would love to sit and have a conversation about it that, but my telling you that I believe the Bible says this or that is not a judgement it is an opinion, statement, fact, or interpretation. A judgement would be if I said you are a horrible person, you are stupid, you are going to hell, or something that is less informative and more so condemning.

I end with this. My favorite response is the people that say well you sin when you do this or that, as if that excuses the sin at hand. The only thing that does is confirms the truth of scripture “we have all sinned”, and I think the scriptures need to be studied and looked by all. I would say that I don’t determine what is sin, God has laid that out in the scriptures for us and if there is something you think is untrue about it, ask yourself why you feel that way. Is it because of a feeling you or someone else has? Or is it because you have studied the contexts, and cross references of scripture and came to the conclusion that people are interpreting it wrong?

I am in no way an advocate of hate, violence, or abuse of any kind toward people because they disagree with me or live a life that I may consider sinful. But I also think that as a believer in the Bible and Jesus Christ I have the right to explain my belief and express my belief without people hating, spiting, or abusing me or anyone else.

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