The Christian delemma of being jobless

So for the last 9 months I have been looking for a job, and have been unsuccessful up to this point. I know there are those that have been at it longer, and are even more qualified but that doesn’t make the process any better or easier. My wife and I have been blessed with great family that have helped us out, and great friends that help us with temp work, but I have realize something in this process as a Christian…You are not really allowed to say the things you feel or think all the time.

I have been a Christian for a long time, in fact I have been a professional Christian for a better part of my life, meaning working in the church, therefore, I know God is great and always provides. And if your a Calvinist then I know God has a better plan. But often in this time I feel like the dad that comes to Jesus with a sick son and responds to Jesus with honesty “I believe, but help me with my unbelief!” Jesus doesn’t respond with “well God has a plan” , or “it was meant to be” Jesus listen and responds with compassion without words. So often we think it is up to us to make people feel better, bring their spirits up when sometimes the best thing is to be silent, maybe grieve with them. Cliches are meant to be helpful but in the midst of a tough situation they are meaningless. It may seem cold to say because people are trying but my goal is to inform those people sometimes the best thing is keep quiet and give a hug or take their mind off the situation.

I want the people around me to know I love them and appreciate them but sometimes I don’t need the feel good commentary, I just need time to process and move on. Yes sometime I feel as though life sucks and it’s hard to see that things will get better but, they will. I know this seems like eternity but it’s not. I know I don’t live for things on Earth but in Heaven but all that can some times be clouded by dealing with the circumstances. It is like a cloudy day the Sun is still there and you know it but you just need to wait it out, and when the Sun finally burns off the clouds your attitude changes. 

God is God and I am not nor are you. When I feel this way if you want to tell me something tell me to read Psalm 73 because it speaks to how I feel in these situations. 

One Response to “The Christian delemma of being jobless”
  1. nicolady72 says:

    I so agree what you wrote!! Sorry when I tried to make you feel better, your right I am not God so as a mom my first go to is to try and say positive stuff!! You’re not God you’re right about hat too but I wold think you could voice disappointment with words instead of depression so people around you wouldn’t say empty things. I know this is a waiting and a molding time, but most of all a humbling time, been there done that more than I care to remember so as a sixty year old mom I do try to hard to give words of comfort because I remember the times you were hurt or sick that my words helped but now I realize your a big boy and you know God personally and he will get through. I can’t promise I won”t make the same mistake but I feel better you really know this too will pass!! I love you and no more empty words I am growing , slowly!! ((((Hugs))))

    Robin Nicoles

    Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 18:19:47 +0000 To:

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