Moving day is approaching.

So moving day is quickly approaching and that causes me to reflect on life.

When Courtney and I moved out to Tennessee after living in California for the first year of our marriage, I knew it was what God wanted us to do at the time but I was not excited about leaving California. I have grown up in Southern California and I love everything about but I knew God wanted us to move and he would quickly reveal why. We were newly married and the Lord knew it was important for us to be married to each other, to love and rely on each other. I have seen too many times people get married and they let their families influence their marriage, often times this causes many problems. We both come from loving families but when you get married your spouse is now your family and everyone else is your extended family. I think what I have learned even though it is contradictory to many facebook post, when you start life you need to have a parent child relationship with your parents but as you get older, especially once you get married that relationship becomes not a parenting relationship but a friendship. It is a friendship that we can respect but life is no longer about the approval of the parent, nor does the parent get the final say in your decisions. Parents can voice their opinions and share them with the child as any friend would but the decision is then made between husband and wife. The last four years have been an amazing blessing on my marriage, it is still not perfect (mainly because of me not my wife so much she is awesome) but it has grown and I know we can make it through anything.

There are somethings I am going to miss about Tennessee, it is mainly the friends we have made while being here. There is no way I can name everyone because without a doubt I would miss someone but I say the whole Scott family has been a major blessing to Courtney and I, there is no way we can thank them enough as they have become family to us here in Columbia. It has been a pleasure serving along side Jarrett Scott in youth ministry and I know the Lord has some amazing things in store for his future. Mark my words Jarrett will write a book on Christian living one day because he is a great writer with great insight, if I could only get him to stop watching NASCAR. Obviously we will also miss our family that resides in Jackson as it has been a blessing to be able to spend holidays with them and get to know them more I love them all so much. Thankfully to all those people we will miss technology will keep us close and in the know.

I will also miss the lightning bug/fireflies those are pretty cool, but rest assured that is the only bugs I will miss.

We will miss all those at Riverview that accepted us out here and family and those now at Christ Fellowship that have loved on us. It has been great hanging out with Brian and Michelle, Pam and Carl even if every time we are with Brian in a restaurant he has to make a scene. It has been great and I want everyone to know we would love to have you come visit us in California, we will send you pictures of the sun in the winter and let you know how much we are missing the cold weather, right. 

I am returning home but I am returning home a changed man. I am thankful for every opportunity that God has given Courtney and I. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the future please continue to pray for us for jobs, life, and getting school loans paid off. lol

2 Responses to “Moving day is approaching.”
  1. nicolady72 says:

    you have grown into one amazing man!!

    Robin Nicoles

    Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 16:44:45 +0000 To:

  2. JarrettScott says:

    Love you guys, I’m thankful to have you and Courtney in our lives. We’re better off because of it.

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