Minimum Wage

So I was talking to a buddy the other day about the fast food workers wanting a raise in pay to $15 an hour. This is kind of what I came up with.


Most people hate to see so many people live off the government.

Many people don’t think people that work at a fast food restaurant deserve $15

But I think maybe if we raised the rate to $15 an hour maybe less people would need government assistance, and they would be able to provide for their family. But then some think well why should they get $15 an hour and if I do __________ I only get paid a little more. My  job is harder, or takes more intelligence. My response then is not that people feel as though they don’t deserve the money, it is that people think they should make more than a fast food worker and my theory is, if you are satisfied with your job and what you get paid apart from what anyone else makes who cares if someone makes close to your rate for a seemingly “easier” or “lower” job than yours. I know what I want to do and as long as I am able to do it and pay the bills and make it to where my wife doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t want to then I am content with my pay.

How do you feel if someone with “less” of a job makes what you make? I am not talking economics and if prices will go up due to this, only about what you are what you make versus what someone at other jobs get paid.

I mean shoot if we get paid based on difficulty or intelligence why do models, actors, and musicians get paid so much compared to the rest of society?

2 Responses to “Minimum Wage”
  1. nicolady72 says:

    Amen!! And whose to say a fast food workers job isn’t as hard as someone elses??

    Robin Nicoles

    Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 20:56:18 +0000 To:

  2. The harsh reality is that the prices will rise with the pay, so everyone’s money will not go as far. So, in the end…they really didn’t get a raise either. Kinda stinks, aye!

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